Source of the Skeena Aerocache

NAME: Source of the Skeena
XP: 6000
HINT: The Skeena River is the second longest river entirely within British Columbia, Canada. Follow it to its source! Contributed by community member Sergiosky47.
Also 13th January 2013 Aerocache Of The Day.
Follow the river from Prince Rupert.  The Aerocache is actually located near the junction of the Babine and Skeena Rivers.
The easiest way to find the cache is to fly 050 deg. +- from Ketchikan. Find the river and follow it North until it ends up in a deep hole in the ground. I flew the Red Tail, and flew past the marker, did a 180, and then dove down to collect the cache. I then flew back roughly 230 deg. to Ketchikan and landed at Annette Island instead.

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